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The foundations of Office / Mubarak Al-Ali Law Firm in Doha in 2006, but In spite of his youth, he managed to build a good reputation at the local, Arab and also international in the provision of services and legal advice where he became one of the largest law firms in the State of Qatar and the professional reputation of good and excellent is product of the continued commitment to excellence in providing legal advice leading to better solutions.

The Office / Mubarak Ali, a law firm services and legal advice to meet all the legal needs of different clients, whether they are natural persons or legal persons and we are fully aware of the requirements of the financial market and business strive to achieve the best results for our clients by providing legal and administrative support full for their work and projects.

And he has managed our office during these years to form a broad and diverse range of clients from national and foreign companies. As we were able to configure the network extensive relationships with many law offices of local, Arab and international, and through years of experience, we have legal representation for the largest domestic and foreign firms within the State may request that a broad constituency of legal advisers to cover the legal work in the areas of consulting and preparation of contracts and agreements and the representation of different customers in various stages of litigation, whether primary or appellate or the Court of Cassation [the veto].

  • Holds a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Police Sciences Academy, Arab Republic of Egypt in year in 1988.
  • Holds a Graduate Diploma from the University of Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt in 2002 in Criminal Sciences
  • Working in the prosecutor Qatari Interior Ministry in 1989 and until 2003, degree of Assistant Attorney General.
  • Work on behalf of Qatar's public counsel in degree until 2006
  • Recipient of numerous training courses in the legal frameworks for dealing effectively with disputes and conflicts
    in Alamln and also courses in modern methods in the management of courts and litigation in the Arab judiciary.
  • Member of the Bar Association and the country is restricted to the Courts of Cassation




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