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  • Direct criminal cases before all courts in the country in different types and degrees
  • Direct civil proceedings, tribunals and judicial proceedings of the committees (Claims Rentals lawsuits labor compensation claims relating to different kinds of lawsuits sales up and work on real estate and documentation, whether for individuals or companies and institutions
  • Proceedings relating to issues of personal status (family) in different types and grades
  • Inheritance claims in different types and degrees
  • Directly related to claims disputes arising from the law of air and maritime law
  • Administrative cases and disputes in the administrative courts in different kinds and degrees
  • Direct actions and procedures for market, the Doha Securities Market
  • Proceedings of the banks and banks and to give legal advice on banking and methods of ending the legal disputes and friendly
  • Providing advisory opinions and legal advice to individuals, institutions and companies
  • The establishment of companies and termination of different types and directly related work from the liquidation and bankruptcy and insolvency and acts of declaration of receivership and liquidation and the requirements of judicial systems and laws and regulations in the corporate arena
  • Drafting of commercial contracts, civil, labor and international contracts and different kinds of purposes
  • The work of international arbitration, both inside and outside the State of Qatar, both at the Arab level or international level
  • Trademark registration and patent protection crime of the idea of ownership, workbooks, and others



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